5 Fantastic Nature Crafts for Kids

What better way to have fun with crafts than by using objects from the outdoors? Not only does this save on money, but it also means that kids have to hunt outside for things they want to use. Here are 5 great ideas for some fun crafts made using nature.

Painted Rock Magnets

Find some lovely smooth rocks or pebbles outside and paint them in your favourite colours and patterns. You can even add some glitter or anything crafty to make them extra special. Stick a magnet on the back with some strong glue and allow to dry before placing on the fridge. These are perfect for holding photos and drawings up on the fridge.


Vegetable Garden Signs

If you have a veggie garden at home or are planning to plant one, get your kids to help you make signs for your veggies. Find some smooth pebbles and some paint and paint brushes.  Paint the stones to look like the veggies you are planting and write the name of each veggie on the relevant stone (E.g. Carrot on the stone painted like a carrot). These look great in the garden.


Leaf Confetti

Find some fun punches from your nearest craft store (Butterflies, stars etc.) and use these to punch holes in leaves from your garden. This is great to do it autumn when the leaves are beautiful colours. Yu can then use this confetti to make fairy gardens or to shower each other with outside.


Flower Bracelets

You will need fresh flowers with a thick base for this one – Zinnias work great. Once you have these from the garden, give them a quick wash. Thread a needle with some elastic thread and stick it through the base of your flower, and then on to the next one. Once you have threaded enough to go around your child’s arm you can stop and tie the ends of the thread together. Store in a Tupperware on the fridge.


These activities are perfect for weekends or holidays when you are looking for fun things to do with your kids. Spending time using their hands or being outdoors is important for children. At Jimi Atrik we encourage healthy bodies and healthy mind in all kids and want to be a part of this by providing shoes that are up to the challenge of supporting little feet as they go about their daily activities.


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