5 Fun Backyard Games for Kids

In South Africa we are incredibly lucky to have homes with gardens, and often large ones at that! This means lots of space for our kids to enjoy and much time to be spent outdoors. Time spent outside getting some fresh air and enjoying the sunshine is so beneficial to children and should be encouraged. Here are 5 fun backyard games for your kids to enjoy this weekend.


Islands and Sharks

Get some old pieces of newspaper and place them on the ground as islands. Kids will walk around and when “Shark!” is called by the “it” person, everyone has to run to an island and have one foot on a piece of newspaper to live. If they are caught off the paper by the “it” person, they are out. Remove papers slowly as the time goes on, making it more difficult. The last person remaining at the end of the game is the winner.


Water Transfer

This is the perfect game to play on those hot summer afternoons. Players will take water from a large bucket and transfer it across the lawn to their own smaller bucket. However, players have to use a spoon, measuring cup or their mouth to transfer the water across from the big bucket to their smaller one. The first person to fill their bucket is the winner.


Sly Fox

Choose one player to be the fox and have them facing away from the rest of the group. The other players then make a start zone and slowly creep towards the fox with the goal of touching them. The fox has to count to 10 out loud and when they reach 10, they turn around and everyone must freeze. If you get caught moving, you go back to the start. If you reach the fox and touch them, you become the new fox.


Blob Tag

This game is greater for larger groups or even at birthday parties. One person is “it” and must run around and tag someone. Once tagged, that person has to join hands with the “it” person and try to tag someone else. Everyone tagged has to join hands in the blob until all plyers are part of the blob.

Back to Nature

Choose one person to be the nature guide. This person needs to find an item from the outdoors, something found naturally in nature, and show it to the group. The group then has 3 minutes to find a similar looking item from the outdoors and show it to the group. The person with the most similar item is the new nature guide. You could even make this a more educational game by looking for a fact about the item each time the group comes together to show their findings.


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