How to Get Your Kids to Wear Shoes

For many children, running around with no shoes on is one of the greater things in life, especially when it has just rained, or the grass is lovely and soft. Wearing shoes is part of life and needs to be something your children get used to when they are young, so that when they start school or go places other than home, they are happy to put their shoes on and go. Try these tips to avoid the struggles of putting shoes on your young kids every time you want to leave the house.


Understand the Problem & Acknowledge your Child’s Feelings

Some children really don’t enjoy wearing shoes or might not be used to them, while others suffer from sensory processing disorder which means they find wearing certain shoes painful. Understanding the problem will help you come up with the best way of solving it.


Desensitize the Feet & Legs

This is especially important if your child suffers from sensory processing disorder. Giving some good deep pressure massage before putting on socks and shoes will help calm and override tactile irritation and will help to relax the child. Children generally enjoy having their feet massaged so even if they don’t have sensory processing disorder, this will make them a little more compliant.


Get the Right Pair of Socks

Often the seams of socks bother your child and feel funny on their feet. Try turning their socks inside out or getting seamless socks. This is a simple change and often has an immediate effect.


Comfort is Key

Does your child prefer loose fitting or tight-fitting shoes? The general rule is to look for shoes that provide comfort and flexibility, meaning they are not too stiff. Shoes with seam free fabric interiors, elastic collars and thinner flexible soles are often more comfortable. Jimi Atrik offers a range of sneakers of various styles that are perfect for young children. Our range offers something for all boys and girls. Making sure the shoes are the correct size and fit comfortably is also important and can be the difference between a happy and unhappy child.


Be Consistent When It Comes to Shoe Rules

Make some shoe rules for your home and be consistent in keeping to them. Examples of these could be: “It’s not okay to wear summer shoes in winter or winter shoes in summer.” Having some rules in places lets your kids know what is right and wrong.


Take a look at our range of shoes for young boys and girls today, and get your child the right pair of shoes!


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