Trendy Lunchbox Snacks for Kids for 2019

Each year we see new food, health, fitness and wellbeing trends which are as much for kids as they are for adults. If you are starting to run out of ideas for healthy school lunchbox ideas for your children, why not take a look at some of these healthy lunchbox trend ideas for this year?


Imperfect fresh produce.

Shops are filled with perfect fruits and vegetables, and often the ones seen as being imperfect are discarded, leading to a lot of food wastage. This year we are seeing these imperfect fruits and vegetables being used, and often in lunchboxes. These mis-shaped items start to resemble fun characters and make the idea of eating something healthy more enjoyable.


Hold off on the sugar.

Too much sugar for kids is generally a recipe for disaster, but this year the focus will move from the amount of sugar as a whole and more on the amount of added sugar. What is the difference, you may ask? Companies are now being required to distinguish between the amount of sugar naturally found in an item and the amount of extra sugar that has been added. Choose foods will less added sugar.


Yoghurt with a twist.

Instead of going with your small fruit yoghurts, why not try and make delicious looking yoghurt bowls filled with fresh fruits? Yoghurt contains probiotics which are important for the gut and fruit contains extra fiber kids need. Making the bowls look pretty will make kids excited to eat them.


Seed butters.

This year we will start to see alternative seed butters to our old friend, peanut butter. With the growing awareness at schools for kids with peanut allergies, it makes sense for alternatives to take the place of peanut products. You can expect to see more sunflower, pumpkin and even watermelon seed butters this 2019. If you have the right tools you can even start making your own exciting seed butters at home.


Think whole foods first.

This year, healthy eating will emphasize food over vitamins, which means bypassing those fortified breakfast cereals for whole oats or a homemade smoothie. Whole foods that are nutrient-rich and full of vitamins and minerals will take preference over processed items that are made to mimic those nutrients and additives.


School lunches don’t need to consist of the peanut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit anymore. With so many great foods available, we can get creative and make sure our kids have all the right foods to keep them going throughout the day and keep them as healthy as possible during school terms.


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