4 Ways to Get Your Kids More Active This Year

Keeping your kids active goes a long way towards helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle, develop strong muscles, maintain a healthy weight, make friends and a ton of other benefits. With the lure of televisions, computers and smartphones stronger than ever, getting your kids off the couch and outside can seem daunting. Here are 4 ways to get your kids more active this year.


Make the most of organized sports.

We are lucky to have great schools that offer many organized sports on a daily basis. Make the most of these and get your kids involved in afterschool sports. Let them try a few so that they can find a couple that they like and go with these for the year. Being part of a team also teaches kids important life skills and can make the experience that much more enjoyable. It can also help your child make some new friends who have similar interests. Whether it’s ballet, horse riding, soccer, swimming or tennis, there is a sport for everyone!


Spend more time outside.

Instead of spending an afternoon during the week or weekends in front of the television, why not enjoy the garden or your nearest park? Encourage your children to play outside, teaching them games such as tag or garden cricket. These games can be played as a family or with friends and are more relaxed and fun than their organized sport activities.


Spend time watching sports with your kids.

If you are going to enjoy some television, why not tune into sports with your kids? Watching their favourite sports with them and discussing different moves, players or teams helps them learn more and gain an interest in different sports, which often provides extra encouragement to try these sports. It also provides parents a chance to bond with their kids and find a common interest that is likely to last a lifetime.


Get involved and lead by example.

Be sure to be as involved as a parent can be in your children’s sport. Go and watch their matches or practices where possible, or help them by throwing balls or timing them, or even trying the sport for yourself. Teach them the importance of good sportsmanship and show them you are proud of them for trying, even if they don’t win.


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