Activities to Help Kids Have a More Positive Attitude

Seeing the positive things in life is not always easy, especially for kids. Having a positive attitude and outlook makes for a happier life and makes solving life’s problems much easier. Showing your kids how to turn a negative attitude around can teach them some important coping skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Here are some activities to help with this.


The Attitude Acrostic

This activity is a great way of helping your child figure out what traits are common in people who have positive attitudes and can serve as reminders or prompts to things he or she can do to adopt the same outlook. Here’s how to use one:

  • Start by giving your child a piece of paper and asking them to write the word “attitude” vertically down the left side of the paper in capital letters.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and brainstorm with your child about all the traits and characteristics that you both see in people with a positive outlook on life.
  • Next, ask your child to remember some of those traits and rework them so that they fit the acrostic. Here’s an example of what your child’s paper might say about a positive person:


Always sees the positive in a situation.

Tries to find solutions.

Takes time to appreciate the small things.

Is happy with what he/she has.

Takes responsibility for his/her actions and words.

Understand the need to listen to others.

Doesn’t complain often.

Enjoys life.


Activities to Help Kids Have a More Positive Attitude

For this activity, you are asking your child to take stock of what traits are and are not present in people with certain types of attitudes. Give your child some paper and a pencil and ask her the following questions, one at a time. Get her to write the answers down or dictate them to you if she is not confident at writing yet.

  • Write down someone you think has a good attitude. What clues tell you that this person has a positive attitude and why do you think they are like that?
  • Write down someone you think has a poor attitude. What signs indicate that this person has a negative attitude?
  • When you think of the person with the negative attitude, what things or which people do you think put that person in that mood?
  • Do you think you can have a bad attitude one day and a good one the next? Why or why not? What influences that?
  • Do you have to have a bad attitude if things aren’t going your way, or do you think it’s possible to have a good attitude even when things you don’t like are happening? Tell me why.
  • Are there things in life you would like to change to help you have a more positive attitude?
  • If negative stuff is happening to you, are there things you can do to keep your outlook positive? Tell me a few of these.


Having a positive attitude will serve kids well throughout their lives and there is no better time to learn how to do this than when they are young!


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