We offer products kids love to wear. Everything we do share certain key values; no compromises in terms of materials and construction, lasting design, subtle branding and memorable colourways.

Our sneakers are produced and specially developed to last, designed to give a street-style worthy appearance rarely found in shoes of this kind. Their inner soles have Gravity Cushion arch support and several layers of cushioning. To ensure further support and stability, all materials are light-weight and durable.  Only the best materials are used; and all materials are designed and tested to support the active lifestyles of toddlers and kids.

Jimi Atrik is all about fashion for your feet! We have a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do: we translate fashion trends into fun and accessible kids’ street footwear. Our on-trend shoes get you looking fab in a flash and complete all your outfits. You’ll certainly find a pair that fits every style and mood.

Our shoes will give kids comfort, make them feel great and let their confidence skyrocket. We stand for wallet-friendly shoe fashion, where your feet will be happy in. Our mission is to make kids feel and look good and put a smile on their face, one shoe at a time. Fashion is all about having fun!