Unique Gravity
Cushion Technology

Our Gravity Cushion memory foam technology has really struck a chord with kids of every age. The comfort material,  once exclusively for bedtime, is now something that kids can wear everywhere they go, in every shoe imaginable – whether it’s for sport, casual or fashion looks – We’ve taken an idea and developed a super-material, capable of supporting play in any environment while keeping kids’ feet safe and secure.

Gravity CushionTech

Like Memory Foam, Just Better

Advanced foot support technology in every shoe.

Our one of a kind memory foam provides enhanced breathability and has been designed to withstand the repetitive impact of child-hood play. Parents can rest assured that their kids’ foot development is in safe hands.

Shaped to Help Little Feet Grow

Soles designed for comfort and foot health.

One unique property of Gravity Cushion insoles are that they bounce back into place after every compression, ensuring feet get the same superior support each times the shoes are worn. With every new design, we’re focusing on making comfort stylish so everyone can wear the latest trends and love every new Jimi Atrik look they wear, inside and out.


Advanced Upper Materials


Our material selection reflects the lifestyles of our customers – made to withstand

any environment while keeping kids’ feet comfortable and supported.

Built for a purpose

Engineered uppers enhances the sneakers functionality, while maintaining the same classic designs and shapes for improved breathability, enhanced flexibility and a much lighter and more durable shoe.


Odour Control

A natural ability to control odour ensures smell-free feet and shoes.All they need is a liitle bit of breathing space (leave in the hallway over night) to reduce any smell.

Moisture Wicking

Fibres absorb moisture and allow it to move through the weave and evaporate into the air, making it perfect for sweaty little feet!

Temperature Regulation

The porous fibre of our materials ensure air flow and breathability, which in turn regulates temperature. Our materials are renowned for its abilities to adapt to both warm and cool climates.

Soft And Comfortable

Known for its benefits with sensitive skin, our materials are perfect for young feet because they are soft, and non-scratchy.